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How do you monetize the data collected on your website in an environment of spam and do-not-call laws?

The answer is Opt-Intelligence.

As time goes on, the federal and state governments are making it illegal for an advertiser to market via email and telephone to a consumer who has not given them express permission to do so.

With “Opt-In” advertising these legal issues are no longer a problem. Advertisers can safely and efficiently continue their marketing efforts. Using its proprietary technology Opt-Intelligence has built a hosted Opt-In network of websites like yours to offer advertisers one source for their opt-in marketing. Here's how it works

FTC - National Do Not Call Registry
"... if you make an inquiry to a company or submit an application to it, for three months afterwards the company can call you. National Do Not Call Registry - FAQs

"The new law imposes criminal penalties of up to a year in jail for common spamming practices..." "CAN-SPAM"

Opt-Intelligence Competitive Advantages
  • Confirmation Emails
  • Customer Service
  • Hosted Network
  • Best Offers
  • Data Validation
  • Customized Questions
  • Customized Data Transfer
  • Real-Time Reporting

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